Don't put me off Sunday

A colleague of mine told me she was going on a TV diet....   now I know a diet is needed in my future (soon would be best), but I had to ask what this TV diet it was about.

She plans to limit herself to one hour of TV a day so she can accomplish other things in her life.  She said winter is off and she needs to be doing other things.  I agree, but will admit I have to wait until the season finales!  I must know what Alicia is going to do on Good Wife, what happens to my 2 NCIS teams, will Olivia go back to being the President's Mistress on Scandal and will Bailey survive losing 3 patients via her hands on Grey's... oh yeah and do all the Reagans make it through the season on Blue Bloods.... 

OK, back to the post! 

So, in the meantime, I'm giving myself a day where I can't put off stuff for me anymore.  No excuses, it is me time.    Today is day one, so far so good.  I did have to put a load of wash on but it was my clothes....

Back to me, long arming my Victoria Hunter Star today!

Think about you today!


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