Happy June! Color Tips and Holiday Extravaganza Clue #4

You have to admit, it seems a bit odd working with Holiday fabric in June!  However, I'm loving it.  I feel like I'm accomplishing something, knowing that by the end of September I will have not one but two (since I'm making two different versions) Holiday Quilts completed.

I hope everyone is enjoying the this late Spring, I feel like we've finally had a series of sunny days here in my part of New England.  My flowers are starting to bloom.  My much beloved Peonies are just fabulous this year, I guess April (and May) showers really bring May June flowers!😉

Peonies 2019

I wanted to talk a bit on color this week, since we have a fairly easy block using a repeat technique.  The most important tip I can provide is to look to nature.  Nature will never steer you wrong.  When I'm designing a quilt and trying to decide what fabrics to use, especially when the quilt will become a "cover quilt", I will often go to my favorite photos of my garden.  It shouldn't surprise you that I have a lot of them.

Once I decided on a photo that really alludes to the feeling I'm trying to portray in my quilt, I upload it to a great tool called Adobe Color.    I share this tip in my Quilting & Color 101 workshop,  It is really easy, and pulls a color palette from the photo.  Here are the results from my Peonies photo.

Then I take the  Abode results, and pull the matching tabs from my favorite 3-in-1 Color Tool

Sure enough, nature nailed it.   The Magenta 17's perfect color partner is Green 5, The Fushsia 16's perfect color partner is Spring Green 4.  Both of those pairing are Complementary colors.  The Yellow 1 is part of a Triadic color plan for the Magenta 17.  The other color, you will find in that Triadic color plan is Turquoise Blue/Cyan.

What do you know... Alison Glass' Holiday Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle has all of those colors in it!

In addition to the color pairings, the 3-in-1 Color Tool will help me with values.  If I'm looking for a Light fabric in that colorway, I can look at all the options available on both the front and back of that color tab.  This helps me make my decision as to which color I want to find in fabric.

Back of Color Tab 17 Magenta
I hope that helps you out, when you are trying to select fabric for your next block or quilt project.

Alison made the perfect bundle, which most Designer's do, which is why I recommend Fat Quarter Bundles to those a bit afraid of picking out a lot of fabrics.  I personally love to put as many fabrics as possible in a quilt, I think it make it feel authentic, more like my Oma's quilts.   So, when my patterns state 20 Fat Quarters, check out the bundles for sale at your local quilt shops.

Now for Holiday Extravaganza!  Clue #4, Block #4, Evergreen!

Block #4, Evergreen requires the Studio 180 Design's V Block.    We will be making V Block Units, similar to week #2.  Once again, you will make 4 Blocks.

Please see the download for specific sizes and cutting instructions.  I have only a couple new tips this week;

  1. I will refer you back to week #2's blog post for the detailed tips on making the V Block. 
  2. Orientation.  It is important that the Evergreen Trees are staggering as shown in the block.  Take the time to make sure the Evergreen on the left, is higher than the Evergreen on the right. 

Some of you that didn't go with the Holiday theme, may be doubting making this block, but please do, as the shape of these Evergreens are important in the design.  You'll find Evergreen trees everyday, they do not need to symbolize winter holidays.   

However, if you are really against it, make the V Block as directed, but in place of the tree stump, replace with a strip of fabric.  This will allow you to have the important shape, without the tree.  
Alternate Block
However, I do hope you will make the Evergreen no matter what your fabric selection.  

Clue #1-4 in both my fabric selections- NOTE: This is not the lay out, do not put the blocks together.  In a few weeks, we will be able to put a couple borders together, but not yet.

It is really shaping up nicely.  I love seeing the blocks shared on the Holiday Extravaganza Facebook Group. If you want to join, please answer the questions.  If you do not, you are automatically declined.  About 5-7 people a day get declined due to not answering the questions. 

I'm off to teach Part 2 of my Loco for Lemoyne Star at The Yankee Quilter and then it is sewing time.  After an extended family visit and not feeling great for a few days, I need some time on my machine! 

To keep up with all my events, be sure to follow my FB Event Page.

Have a great weekend.  

Keep stitching!



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