Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue #12 & Alaska Cruise!

Yes!  Registration for my Alaska Cruise is open!  Join me on an Alaska Cruise!  If you have always wanted to go to Alaska, well now is the time! A wonderful way to see Alaska is on a quilting cruise. We will explore Juneau with the glaciers and the beautiful scenery, Skagway with the train and the quaint little town, and Victoria with Buchardt Gardens and so many things to do and see!
Denali National Park
Alaska has some great quilt shops as well that we will visit. If this is not enough, we will be sewing on the 13th deck in a Conference Center with floor to ceiling windows. What a great way to enjoy our sewing and experience the beauty of the Alaska wilderness. I hope you can join me on this incredible quilting adventure!  Check out this video!

If you are interested do not hesitate, the spots will fill up quickly.

For more details and to register: 2020 Quilting in the Glaciers  Be sure to mention my name when registering.  

Now for Clue #12 of my Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series!  More assembly!  

You should see the fabulous units coming together and being shared on the SOTS Facebook group!  If you want to join the group please remember to answer the questions to admit you to the group.

Also, make sure you are downloading your clues!  We are over the count of ten clues, so I'm taking down the Clues in date order as I put up the new clues.

Okay, Clue #12!  Can you believe we only have 4 more clues!

We will be using all of the  M1 V Block units and the M2/BG Split Rects #2 units!

The M1 V Block units from Clue #2 are going to be paired with the M2/BG Split Rects #2 from Clue #8, creating  M1 VB - M2/BG SR#2 Units!
Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue # 12
The Download will have the specifics, but per usual, I have a few tips below.

  • Be careful, if you are jumping around on clues, double check that you have pulled Clue #8’s Split Rects #2, which has the Seam going from the bottom left to the upper right
  • Remember to check your orientation, I can not stress this enough.  Use the See It - Flip It - Sew It method that I mentioned  almost every week and to all of you in class.

  • Sew with your best 1/4" inch - Yes, it really matters 😉

  • Set that  seam!  Give it a good press, so that the seam falls into the fabric, locking that seam, giving you flatter seams.  

  • Finger Press and Press! Do not use that hot iron to push that fabric over (please)!

I think that is it for this week.   Next week, will be a crazy week for me, and therefore next week will be our Bye Week for Sunset on the Sound.    Clue #13 will be released on April 5th.  I will most likely have a blog post and newsletter, sharing all the fun at AQS Quiltweek in Lancaster, but no clue.  I will not be available to address emails, as quickly, so I built in the Bye Week. 

Thank you all for following me on this journey!

I'm off to teach Moonlight Garden at The Yankee Quilter's Sleep in Your Bed Retreat.  Make sure you check out the newsletter for pre-order information on both Moonlight Garden and Periwinkle Swirl.  Plus, registration information on The Yankee Quilter's Fall SIYB Retreat.

Keep Stitching,


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