Sunset on the Sound Clue #11 & Summer Quilt Shows

Yeah, it is Friday!  Another busy week, and it will not be slowing down any time soon!  The next few weeks are going to be even busier, as I have a Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at the Yankee Quilter, quickly followed by AQS Quiltweek in Lancaster, PA!

Last weekend, I have a fabulous Color and Quilting 101 Workshop at The Yankee Quilter!

We had 22 Quilters for the event and they learned about how color can change the feel of your quilt.  In addition, we covered;
The Yankee Quilter will be offering it again in August, you can sign up online at: The Yankee Quilter.  

While I was teaching at the Workshop, my phone started blowing up with emails and texts from the students who either couldn't get into my MAQ Class or celebrating that they got in!

A BIG Thank you to my MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters)! My three day Oh-Hi-O My Star class sold out in 12 minutes!  They blew me away.  I really wasn't sure if students would want to take one class for the entire event.  It was great!

Let's see if we can repeat it!  Vermont Quilt Festival's General Registration opens tomorrow, Saturday 16th!  Register Here: VQF RegistrationAnother great quilting event, run by a volunteer board that really goes all out.  The event is held in Essex Junction, VT, and is being held this year from Wednesday, June 26th through Saturday, June 29th.  There is a fabulous quilt show, with a large vendor mall, and some pretty spectacular instructors (I might be bias).  The are offering some great classes.  I will be teach 4 classes, of my newest releases.    I hope to see you in one or two classes. 

Check them out:

Moonlight Garden, made with the S180 Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Corner Pop, and Tucker Trimmer I (or III), is being offered on Wednesday:
Moonlight Garden ~ Releasing the end of March
Periwinkle Swirl, made with S180 Diamond Rects and Corner Beam, is being offered on Thursday:
Periwinkle Swirl  ~ Releasing the end of the Month
Be Dazzled, made with Tucker Trimmer I and Tucker Trimmer III, is being offered on Friday:
Be Dazzled ~ Tucker Trimmer  I and II
Summer Star, made with S180 Tucker Trimmer III or I (depending on size) is being offered on Saturday.
Summer Star ~ Tucker Trimmer I or III

For those of you waiting to hear about Quilt Odyssey at Hershey, I will be teaching Moonlight Garden, Periwinkle Swirl and the soon to be release Majesty!  I should have more information on Quilt Odyssey next week.

Now for Clue #11 of my Sunset on the Sound Mystery Series!  More assembly!  

You should see the fabulous units coming together and being shared on the SOTS Facebook group!  If you want to join the group please remember to answer the questions to admit you to the group. 

Also, make sure you are downloading your clues!  We are over the count of ten clues, so I'm taking down the Clues in date order as I put up the new clues.

Okay, Clue #11!  Can you believe we only have 5 more clues!

We will be using all of the  L1/M3 Corner Beams and the M3/L1 V Block units!

The L1/M3 Corner Beams units from Clue #5 are going to be paired with the M3/L1 V Block units from Clue #7, creating  M3/L1 V - L1/M3 CB Units!
Sunset on the Sound ~ Clue 11
The Download will have the specifics, but per usual, I have a few tips below.  Please read, I promise the tips will be helpful. ⛛

Reminders and Tips:
  • Be careful if you are jumping around on clues, double check that you have pulled Clue #7’s V Block that has the Color 3: Medium (M3) as the Left Side Triangle and Color 1: Light (L1) as the Right Side Triangle.  We’ve already used it’s mirror image in Clue #9 
M3/L1 V Block ~ M3/L1 Corner Beams
  • Remember to check your orientation, I can not stress this enough.  Use the See It - Flip It - Sew It method that I mentioned last week and to so many of you in class.
Check Orientation 
  • Whenever, I sew V Blocks onto another unit, I always shift my units around, so that when I - See it, Flip it, and Sew It - the V Block unit will be on top, so that I can see that seam crossing and be sure to hit it perfectly with my stitch.
Once my Orientation is correct, I rotate my paper plate so that when I "Flip It", I will have the V Block on top

This way I can see my Stitch lines on the V Block

As I'm stitching, I can make sure I "hit" that seam intersection

  • Make sure you are using best pressing techniques!
Since we are going to be pressing towards the Corner Beam, put that on top and set the seam

Then finger press and press
  • These clues are manageable, so don't rush.  Take your time and enjoy! 🕓
I think that is it for this week.  We have St Patty's day on Sunday and then Spring will arrive next Thursday.  Which, I personally can't wait for spring!   In case you missed it in the newsletter, since Spring is coming, I'm having a sale through next Thursday, the 21st!  

So, don't miss out on this week's Spring Sale.  Save 15% on orders over $25 by using the code SPRING15 at checkout.  You can shop here:  Sew On the Go Shop

Well, I have a busy week in front of me getting  my patterns to the printer, prepped for the Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at The Yankee Quilter, and also ready for AQS Quiltweek since I only have a day between to turn around.   Time to get busy!

Keep Stitching,


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