Block 39 ~ Storm at Sea & Blog Project 2019!

Block 39, Storm at Sea, by Evelyn Foland, was published in Kansas City Star, on May 14, 1932.
B39 ~ Storm at Sea ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
 This block is made up of Diamond Rectangles, Square³ (Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square or Stacked Squares) and Square² (Square-in-a-Square).   Storm at Sea is also known as Ocean Waves (Laura Wheeler, Cincinnati Enquirer, September 6, 1933) and Rolling Stones (Laura Wheeler, Cincinnati Enquirer, March 8, 1935).  I’ve always known this block as the Storm at Sea, so I was surprised by the Rolling Stone reference.  However, based on fabric placement, I could see how it could create that illusion.

For both fabric selections, I went with a triadic color plan.  For the first selection, I loved Chartreuse (2)/Spring Green (4) with the touch of Blue (11) and light Red (19) - Aka Pink.   I was able to find fabric in my Art Gallery scraps to match perfectly.
Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
For my second fabric selection I went with a medium Chartreuse (2) and paired it with an exact triadic color plan, pairing it with Cerulean Blue (10) and Blue-Red (18).
Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
You will find in the download, the different tone and color placement really changes how the block flows.

Additionally, check out my Calm Seas pattern, a modern play on a Storm at Sea, to see how a graduating complementary color plan can create a calming effect.
Calm Seas by Michelle Renee Hiatt

It is a great example of color play.

Speaking of play, I have a little tease for you on my 2019 Blog Project.  It is going to be a Mystery!
Michelle's 2019 Mystery!!!
Next week, I will have more details for you; relating to the specific Studio 180 Tools the Mystery Quilt pattern will required and fabric requirements.  This way, if you want to add a couple items to your Holiday Wish List, you will know what to ask for!   Plus, let's be honest, we like to do some holiday shopping for ourselves!  :)

The Mystery is called "Sunset on the Sound" and was inspired by this photo I took earlier in the summer on the Sound.
Sunset on the Sound

  • I will be including instructions for three (3) sizes
  • It will run for 4 months, starting in January 2019 through April 2019.  
  • You will received a clue each week, for 16 weeks.  

Tune in next week for more information!

Until then, keep stitching,

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