Southern Hospitality is Complete!

Southern Hospitality is Complete! This is one of Deb Tucker's design's published through the Tucker's company, Studio 180 Design.  This comes together really quickly.  It is made with her Square2 and the Quilting Magic Wand.  The inner board is Flying Geese which is a terrific technique.    Great for adding a little pzazz to a quilt, especially round robins. The other technique is the Little Houses, which is made with her Square 2.  Love this quilt!  A great summer quilts.... Gosh I wish summer would get here.

Binded it this morning. I actually used my new Pfaff Bi-level top-stitch foot for binding. Worked like a charm. I've tried a different method a few years back and hated it, but this turned out well. I broke the rules (there is a surprise) and actually still sewed the binding on the front. Pressed, folded back the binding, turned over the quilt, and ironed down the binding, used binding clips (yes, from the Office Supply store) and it worked out great. 

My quilting isn't as good as my friend Barbara's but it looks pretty good.

Ready to be dropped off at Pennington Quilt Works.  They will have kits and I'm teaching this class there in March.  Check it out Pennington Quilt Works


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