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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can’t wait for Deb Tucker’s Teacher Certification Class

Well it has been forever!!!

My apologies, life really took over in the last few months….  Between moving, selling 2 homes, new job, painting several rooms, a bad car accident, stomach flu, appendicitis,  you name it, it happened.

I finally feel like I’m getting my life back..slowly but surely.  And I'm going to Deb Tucker's Teacher Certification Class!

We finally closed on the NJ home and moved the rest of the NJ home contents to CT… where we might get settled by the New Year!  OMG, I pride myself being organized but even with the best of organized packing, this is taking a long time.  The house is just completely different from our last; in the NJ house we had rooms and hobbies that use to be on one floor and they are now on another floor in this house.  Plus, we had a last minute change with my main sewing room from going upstairs to the lower level.  Plus, I added a sewing space in the sunroom, to be on the main level and take advantage of the great light.  That entailed determining what I wanted/needed in each space.

Of course, the addition of the sunroom sewing space called for a new sewing table (which I got a great deal at Pennington Quilt Works  ) and then I needed a “new to me” Pfaff Creative Vision (just like the one I have in the lower level sewing area).  I got a great deal on the sewing machine at Above and Beyond Creative Sewing ( ).   They really gave me a terrific deal on a wonderful machine.   The Pfaff Creative Vision just purrs…  They have a new machine out but I just love the CV.

Finally, I’ve been able to post and get my patterns up and online.  I will post in a minute.  Nothing like a deadline to get you moving...  
I’m heading to the Deb Tucker’s Fundamental and Rapid Fire Workshops… Woo Hoo Can’t wait.

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