The Fabric of our Lives

I will start with an apology... I'm feeling a little insightful today.

Is fabric like your favorite music or food?  Does looking back at certain fabric, scraps or even a quilt bring back memories?

It's like a journey, or little gift of time travel...  it takes you back to the good time you had when picking it out and purchase it, does it?

Maybe even of the person or people  with whom you were with or what fun you had that day. 

It could cause you to break into a smile or laugh just thinking about  the laughs you had with friends while you stitched it (or un-stitched it). 

Sometimes one little scrap of fabric is enough to bring you back to the  face of someone special, when you gave them the quilt you made for them.

Our scrap bins are really the fabric of our lives.  We should cherish them and probably pay them honor by placing them in a quilt we will actually see.... similar to photos.  We place them in frames or albums.  We send them to others we love.

We could even put a few tokens pieces in another quilt with new fabric.  I've been known to placed a few pieces of scraps from a baby quilt into a kid quilt for that child later... some have actually noticed. So it becomes a fabric of their lives too.

My point?  I'm not sure.  Maybe to remind us to take that journey... look through that scrap bucket and at least take the walk down meomory lane.  If time allows, play tribute with a scrap quilt.  Who knows, one snow day those memories will warm your heart.

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