New member of the family, will he like Quilts?

After some debate, we decided that we needed to adopt another dog.  The house has been so quiet.  Plus Cal and Madison were as lonely as Steve and me....  Moose just had such a personality.

Given that Moose was a rescue, we thought he would want us to honor him by rescuing another lovable dog.

He is 18 weeks old and a German Shepherd.   Given the size of his paws we believe  he is going to be a "big guy". 

Only time will tell if he is a "flower lover"... you see him checking out my ornamental grass.  So far he has only tried to eat one of my quilts... 

Madison is mothering him to death and Cal is warming up to him ... I think he may have wanted a smaller brother.

We've named him Hunter as in Hunter Pence who plays for the Phillies.

I'm sure there will be more pictures soon ... now let's see if I can get back in my sewing room.

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