Ditigal Quilt Memory Lane

I decided that I was going to organize my digital photos of my quilts. I figured if I was going to suggest it (a few posts ago), that I should try and do it myself. So I basically went through all the files on my laptop, all those quick uploads, phone pics, etc and place them in folders.

I learned several things:
  1. I used to be much thinner and younger.
  2. I have a lot of great memories and had to try and stay focused on the task.
  3. I used to be much more productive in my quilt production.
  4. Apparently 2011 was the year of starting new things (house, job, and many quilts). Not so good on the finishing.
  5. And I need to get my butt in my quilt studio (the Quilt Cave as Steve calls it) and the GYM!
In the next few weeks, I hope to crop these and really create an online Quilt Diary (still researching Flicker vs Picasso, etc). However, I hope you don't mind that I share a few... Additionally, I hope the rest of you do the same. We need pics!

Michelle's Abbreviated Quilt Journey:
My First Quilt (1998) However, this photo was in 2003 on the day my sister brought Madeline home, I flew in from Chicago)

As many of you have heard, I took a quilting break after my grandmother passed, but started up again when I heard my sister was pregnant with Madeline. Here is me working on Maddie's 1st quilt (in our house in Chicago) and Lee opening it up at the shower:

In 2004, I made a Quilt for my brother in-law for graduating law school. This was the first time I did pieced sashing and triple applique - and I thought I was going to kill Fons and Porter for the idea...
In 2005, I moved to PA and took my first quilting class at Generations (with Maryanne Brooke). Still one of my favorite quilts. It's on the RV Bed.

Through 2005-2006 my siblings requested quilts... Lee (Sister) - Wanted something modern, I just played this by ear and it turned out great. Lauren (Lee's 2nd daughter) still thinks this is her quilt since she was always on the couch with it.

Harry (Brother) - It killed me to make a Dallas Cowboy quilt. Some might recognize this patten from Generations Strip Club. I think it was the Wine something something - LOL:

Steve needed a Quilt too - He picked out the fabrics on our trip back to IL. Of course he wanted flannel - so my first flannel quilt -

Moving into 2007-2008. We can't forget mom. This was out of that book (can't remember the name) that I bought three times. I did make three quilts LOL:

One of my all time favorites (it's in the girl's guest room). This was from one of the Generation's Friday Nights. I really need to make another one of these.

2009; the Hunter Star Phase... Several of the FuN girls took a class at Generations. I think Kathy and Keeley did more of the teaching.. I still need to quilt this Quilt. I did make 2 others that I gave as gifts that year. Mary Marge helped me quilt them on her new Gammill.

This table runner, was a Christmas gift for Lee.. OMG, I thought Mo was going to kill me for trying to figure out a mystery pattern with Fat Quarter.. that Friday night. I don't know how many times we had to re-calculate.

Anna's Baby Quilt... The Split 9- Patch that Amy/Laura shared on one of the Camps or Friday nights. Some of you FuN ladies may remember Anna's mclarge one was for her first birthday - Valarie Well's Giraffe flannel fabric that I couldn't cut to0 small, so I ended up with a x-long twin... still looking for that photo).

Then 2010, another favorite. MaryAnne quilted this beautifully. My friend loves it, I miss it.. This was from a Stashbuster at Pennington Quilts. We repeated it at a Fun Quilt night. Need to finish that one. 

Then, who can forget the Bear Paw. I believe this was Generation's Summer Camp 2009 or 2010.. I finished it in 2010. Whenever I look at this quilt, I think of Sara, Joye, Heidi, Cindy, Di, Jenn and I laughing our butts off the whole time at Camp. Love this quilt, I pull this on almost every night, as it sits on the back of the couch.

Cal loves it too:

Then, there was Christmas 2010, when I decided to make all three nieces the same quilt.... Do you remember that October Camp, OMG, I thought I was going to have a melt down with those blocks. Everyone tried to help. Thankfully, Cindy, Jenn, and Diane had much more patience than and I... and, if it wasn't for Cindy's binding skills, the girls would still be waiting.

And then, I swear, other than the Pennington Quilt Samples, I think this is the only quilt I finished in 2011.... Started plently...
Unless, anyone can remember another... How sad.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did. It actually was a FuN Quilt Club memory lane too.  I love my quilt group in PA.  We have so much fun, I just wish I could get over there more.


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