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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Constellations Quilt - My version turned into a Galaxy

Life has taken over the last few weeks, apologies for lacking in the posting department.  In between life, I've been playing around with the Deb Tucker's  LeMoyne Star Ruler.  Love it. 

I started off with making test blocks, then I move onto Deb's free pattern that came with the ruler.... then I didn't want to waste any blocks, so my Constellation Quilt is a Galaxy Quilt - no surprise there.  Believe it or not, it is only 46"x46" some of those starts are 3".

A quick overview of the technique...

You cut your strips according to Deb's instructions... then sew them together, then cut them into units.

Then sub cut the triangle off.

Then sew the triangle onto the unit...

 Then press them (according to Deb's instructions - very important to come together properly).

Cut the units down with the ruler (apologies, I missed this photo).

Then sew the trimmed units together to create a square (note:  this units are sitting on a 4.5" ruler - - can you say small).

 Then you sew the units together into pairs and then blocks...
Don't worry, they clean up nice, once you trim them down.


Use your creative juices and put them together....

I'm so excited.  Jan, at Pennington, asked me to teach a Workshop on it in May.  I love this ruler... my mind is already working on some other patterns.

Has anyone else tried it?

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