Almost to our destination - Grand Central - Clue #10

We are almost to our destination!  Clue #10 of Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series is revealed today,!  Just 2 more clues after today!   It has been a busy day, sorry for the delay, but at the last minute I decided to publish the Bonus Clue early.

Clue #10
For those of you enlarging the Large Throw to a Double, or enlarging the Queen to King.  I figured some of you may have some extra time now, so why not give you this clue a little early.
Bonus Clue
Something else, I'm doing given the current situation is Tutorial Tuesdays.

Tutorial Tuesday was a great success, over 1500 views so far, with over 1000 in just the first 12 hours. ! Thank you all for the great support!

In case you missed this past Tuesday's Tutorial Tuesday Video, you can view it on my Facebook page.  

Don't worry, if you don't Facebook, I've uploaded my video to YouTube, where you too can watch!   You can subscribe at: Michelle's You Tube Channel.

What is Tutorial Tuesday? 
It is a weekly Video that I will release each Tuesday, around 3:30pm, on my Facebook page (5:30 pm on Youtube.  For the first 8 weeks, I'm going to teach a free class on my Bloom pattern. 

You will need the Bloom pattern, S180 V Block and [Square Squared Tools.

Overview of the next 8 weeks on Tutorial Tuesdays:
1. This past Tuesday, I covered selecting the fabric for my Bloom pattern.  Showing 6 different options you may want to consider.  Plus, ways to use Stash and argument with a few purchases.
2. Next week, I will cover preparing your fabric and mastering your cutting skills.  Taking you through cutting your strips and squares, along with sub cutting for your V Block and Square Squared units.... maybe a little on paper plates. :)
3. Week 3; Making your V Block Units
4. Week 4; Making your Square Squared Units for V Star Blocks
5. Week 5; Making your Square Squared Units for the Five Diamond Blocks
6. Week 6; Constructing your V Star Blocks
7. Week 7; Constructing your Five Diamond Blocks
8. Week 8; Laying out and assembling your Quilt Center and Pieced Border

This should take us to mid-May.  When hopefully, we will all be able to get out of the house a bit more. Also, will work out perfect with the launch of my next Mystery Series, which will be another Holiday Medallion Quilt.

I'm offering this free, with the exception of the pattern and tools, to see if I like the online class concept.  We all have to adjust in these times.

I hope you will join me in this adventure.   I know some of you may have already made a Bloom quilt, but consider making another.  Maybe some of you already have the pattern, this would be a great time to get it out and make the quilt.  Plus, I'm hoping some of you will purchase the pattern and join in on the fun.  Whether or not you've made it or not, I believe I may have a new tip or  two for you all.

Okay, we have a lot to cover on Grand Central!

Clue #10 -

We will be taking the Four-Patch Squared⁴, from Clue #8 and adding one last round of Half Square Triangles, to make them into Snail's Trail Blocks.  You will need your Part B of the Large Square Squared ruler to complete these units.   I love the Snail Trail Block.

Note:  Now that you achieve the construction of these blocks, now you have no excuse for not making my Jenn's Journey Quilt.   Be brave, go for a challenge!
Jenn's Journey

I have a couple tips and reminders for you on the Clue #10.  Details are in the Download.

You are going to need the Background HST that you cut in Clues #1 and #4.  Plus, you will cut HST from the Assorted Bright.  If you aren't doing the Bonus Border, this will be the last cuts from your Assorted Brights.

 Once again, make sure you lay out the block, ensuring that the last round of Assorted Bright HST are in the upper right and lower left corners when applying the new Assorted Bright HST.
See IT

Flip IT

Sew IT

Set the Seam

Finger Press and Press
 After you press the first set of HST, put your unit back, and get your orientation.
 Then rotate the stack, so that you can...
See IT

Flip IT

Sew It.
 Press, and Trim those Dog Ears.  Next, you are going to repeat the same process with your Background HST.
See IT

Flip IT
 When you go to sew this, you want to be careful.  You an pin, or make sure you are taking the time to make sure your unit and HST are sewn at the same pace.  Once we get this long of a range, if you don't pin, your feed dogs can bring in more fabric, on the bottom, than is needed.  This cause a "wavy" affect when you press.   When you see units that are rippled, it usually comes from failure to pin or poor pressing.
 Now, the last set.  Get your orientation.
 Rotate and see it.
See IT

Flip it and Sew
 Next give all the units a good press and a mist of Best Press.  You want them nice and flat for their last trimming.
 Now for the last set of trimming.  Grab you Part B of your Large Square Squared and line up with the proper size and trim 2 sides.  Then rotate and line up with proper size and trim the last 2 sides.

Right Handed
Right -1st Trim - Line up with the Proper Size Crosshairs

Add caption

Right - Rotate and line up with the proper size, crosshairs should fall back into place

Right -TADA
 Left Handed
Left - 1st Trim - Line up with the Proper Size Crosshairs

Left - Rotate and line up with the proper size, crosshairs should fall back into place

Left - Tada
These are the best... just love them.


Now, if you plan to make the Large Throw (80” x 80”) into a Double (99” x 99”) or making the Queen (100” x 100”) into a King (120” x 120”), please see pages 5 – 8 in the Download.  If you are not enlarging, you can skip these pages.

Note: When fabric requirements were given, it stated that I was working an extra pieced Border, to make the Large Throw a Double or the Queen a King, and stated if you thought you would be interested in doing that to purchase extra yardage: Throw/Double - 2 Yards of both Background and Assorted Bright or for the Queen/King – 2 ½ Yards of both Background and Assorted Bright.

You will be using that extra yardage for this step.  You will have Background remaining from Clues #1-#10, but you do not use that for this step.  There are 2 more Clues that needs the original Background fabric.  

With the extra Assorted Bright Fabric (Double-2 yards, King-2 ½ yards) you will want to cut these into Fat Quarters (Half Width of Fabric) if you didn’t purchase Fat Quarters.

IMPORTANT: Prior to cutting the Assorted Bright, consult the Best Cutting Strategy for the Assorted Bright Section (Page 7).   

If you do not have a lot of extra Assorted Brights, you will want to follow the cutting order there for the best use of your Assorted Bright fabric

For this clue, I used my Drying Rack, to keep all the strips organized as I cut them.
My Assorted Brights 

Then I partnered them with the Background Strips
This clue isn't difficult, but you will need to stay organized and ensure that you are matching the proper size Background and Assorted Bright together.

I like to sew with the smallest width fabric on top, so that I can see it and make sure I keep it straight.
Sew with thinnest strip on top
 Be careful when pressing, a lot of people push the fabric over to press the seam, this will cause your seams to go wonky.  Stick to good pressing habits.  Set the seam, finger press, press.
 Next, organized and stack your strips in order.

When you clean up the strip, prior to doing your sub cuts, take as little as possible.  We are going to use the entire length of the strip.

Trim as little as possible to square up the end
When making the sub cuts, I like to line up a line with my stitch line and not the top or bottom of the strip.  I find this gives me the straightest strips.

 Next, you will want to split the Tracks, and lay out your Block, ensuring that you have everything in the right place to create tracks 1-10.

 I like to sew them into pairs, I feel it keeps me more organized and is easier to keep things straight.
 I'm finally left with just the three components.
Check out how neat the back is, if you following the pressing instructions.
 Tada!  I think these will keep you busy.
I'm so excited for the reveal in two weeks... It is going to be awesome!


  1. That was a cool way to make the tracks! Thanks for releasing the bonus blocks early.
    p.s. Great job on the Tuesday video!


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