Sweet (Clue) 16 of Holiday Extravaganza!

Well it is Friday, and I'm back to my normally schedule post.  😀  It was a pretty good week, I actually made some progress in this last week, both physically and work wise.   It is a crazy as I prepare to be away on the Canada/Hawaii Cruise for 2 week, all while getting ready for Quilt Market.

Yesterday, Steve picked up my 23rd and 24th Quilt Patterns; Retreat and Starflower Surprise

We spend the day processing the pre-orders received from Distributors, Shops, Certified Instructors and Quilters!   See the patterns come boxed in lots of 200.

Usually banned in lots of 24-25, depends on the packer, so we always have to check.  

We then pull the count of each pattern that we know we need for pre-orders, then package all of them into their protective clear hanging bags.  Plus, often there are other patterns in that they have ordered, so we add them.  Then, we re-count and begin the packaging process which entails boxing them, weighing them, producing labels, finalizing invoices/package slips.  Finally, we haul them off to the post office.  My mailman loves me but not so much as to take 60+ packages from my driveway.  😁   

Then, we update the Etsy (Retail) and Wholesale site.  With the last of the energy send out the social media.  Whew!  Long day, but I love that I get to share my quilt designs.  Thank you all for the great support, I couldn't do it without all of you.  

Special thanks to my testing teams.  They keep me on my toes, always making sure the instructions are accurate and can be understood.   We typically spend about 2-3 months on each pattern.  I know there are people who can make it happen faster.  However, I like to get at least 5-7 sets of eyes on each of the patterns and have them actually making the quilts.  

The testers on these two patterns were:

  • Retreat - Carolyn Ratola, Sue Graf, Kayla Domingue Walker, Sandra Bonomo, Jackie Mowday and Lynn Wheatley
  • Starflower Surprise - Carolyn Ratola, Sue Graf, Kayla Domingue Walker, Debbie Thomas, Sandra Bonomo, Terry Sue Blanchette, and Lynn Wheatley
Most of these ladies, will be offering these patterns as classes in the near future, so make sure to follow them!

Last but not least, special thanks to Dona McKenzie who has been the Graphic Artist on patterns 10-24!  She provides the beautifully overall Booklet style and great graphics.

Dona and the various testing teams have the patience of saints!  I very much appreciate their support!  Then make this all happen along with my husband who wears many hats. 

Hopefully, that hasn't boring for you, several people have asked me about the process, so I thought I'd share a bit.  

Holiday Extravaganza - Clue #16 - Geese on Edge

Today, we have Clue #16 of Holiday Extravaganza.  This is the second to the last Clue!  It is the last Clue where we make blocks.  Clue #17 will be all construction of your Border Rounds.  Woohoo!

We will be making (8) Geese on Edge Blocks!
Michelle's Holiday version of Block 16

This is a fabulous technique.  It will give you the chance to use up more scraps, especially background.  Make sure to go through your scrap bag and use them!  I ended up making (4) sets of 2, however, that is just the way my scraps fell.  You can go completely scrappy.   

You will use the Studio 180 Design's Wing Clipper and Tucker Trimmer, for this Geese on Edge technique.  I've divatated from the Geese on Edge Tech Sheet a bit, in that I have you using logs instead of WOF strips, since we have scraps.  Plus, to be honest I prefer using the logs for variation.  This is a great stash and scrap buster! 

This week's download, will include specific instructions for this week's Clue, however I have a few tips and tricks to help you through these different version:

  • You are going to want to watch your orientation again.  We will basically be creating a one sided Log Cabin block, always keeping the Starter Square on the outside of the block.  You will apply the first 2 logs using your best 1/4" seam.

  • You will actually be using the bottom of your Wing Clipper to make this cut.  You will be using the valley at the bottom of the ruler.

  • You will cut the log side only - be careful.

  • You will replace this with a Half Square Triangle HST.  When sewing, it is important to sew with the log side up and watch to hit that seam intersection of the Starter Square. 

  • Next, you will trim the replacement HST to the proper size. You just need to trim the 2 exposed sides.  

  • Next, you will apply logs #3 and #4.  Watch the orientation and be sure to be sew them unto the Replacement Triangle side.  

  • Sew with the HST on top. 

  • Once pressed, you will trim again with your Wing Clipper. 

  • Sew with the Logs on top. 

  • Press and Trim with your Tucker Trimmer. 

  • Add the Logs #5 and #6.  Press to the Logs. 

  • Trim with the Wing Clipper. 

  • Stitch the Replacement Triangle, making sure you have the log side up.  

  • Press and trim with Tucker Trimmer 

  • Sew the last round of Logs, which are large than the previous rounds of logs.  

  • Cut one last time with the Wing Clipper. 

  • Sew on the larger HST 

  • Press and trim with your Tucker Trimmer.  Note: If you need to, you can square up the Starter Square side now.  You shouldn't need to trim more than a few threads. 

  • Tada!  You have finished all the Blocks for Clue #16 and this Mystery!  Next week, will be all about construction of the Border Rounds! 

Don't forget about the Whistle Stop Tour.  I shared a bonus blog on Tuesday.  This is a really neat quilt, plus you get to visit the my felloCertifieded Instructor's blog.  Make sure to check them out. 

Here is the Blog Schedule:

Monday September 9th
Tuesday September 10th
Wednesday September 11th
Thursday, September 12th
Friday, September 13th
Saturday, September 14th
Sunday, September 15th
Monday, September 16th
That is all I have to today!  I'm off to the Yankee Quilter to teach a 2-day Sleep in Your Bed Retreat.  Then, I will be packing and getting the last minute things completed before flying to Vancouver on Wednesday!  Next week's clue will be published just before we set sail on Friday to Seattle and then off to Hawaii!

Keep Stitching,


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