Block 36 ~ California Sunset

Can you believe we are 75% through the blocks!    Crazy!  Crazy winds here in CT today too!

Block 36 is California Sunset!  Such a find!  Love it!  This one is going to test all the skills you've learned over the last few months, but it will be worth it!

California Sunset was published in the Chicago Tribune, on December 5, 1933 and credit to Nancy Cabot.

This is a spectacular block and unique, as this clipping is the first time I’ve seen this block, and I love it.  I searched extensively, and I could not find this block known as anything else.  The block’s corners units, with the Split Rects, are similar to Dutch Tulip.  However, the Corner Beam units replace the one-patch units in Dutch Tulip.  The Peaky and Spike (V block) units really make this block exploded.   I think California Sunset is very appropriate name for this wonderful block.  I have big plans for this block in the Timeless with a Twist Book series!

So, remember to take your time.  My biggest tip is to be careful with your unit making and follow the directions.  Next, stay organized and lay out your block before piecing.  It is one of those blocks that you are going to want to take a picture of your lay out and check it in the camera.  Piece the units into rows and take another picture.  Be sure to keep your orientation when putting those rows together.
Lay it out, take a photo, check the photo!
 For this week's color plans, I went with two Triadic color plans;

For Fabric selection one, my Art Gallery scraps,  I realized I needed some blue in my blocks.  I selected the blue floral-Aqua Blue (8), pairing it with Fuchsia (16) and Golden Yellow (24).  After I got through piecing, I realized that the Aqua Blue I loved in the floral didn't quite end up representing blue as I expected, but given the tone-on-tone of the other fabrics, I think it works.  I will have to try for more blue next week!

For Fabric selection two, my Alison Glass scraps, I want to get some Chartreuse (2) into my blocks, so I paired that up with the Blue-Red (18) and Cerulean Blue (10).

Love them both!

Be sure to follow the download link, and get this week's block before Thursday, October 18th.

Next week, I will teaching at Fall Quilt Camp in Rangeley, so I hope to get the post ready prior to Camp on Friday morning, it may be after dinner, depending on how things end up going.  I'm finding less and less runway in my days, I don't know where time is going.  All good things, but busy, busy, busy!

Keep Stitching, I'm off to do more paperwork and then hopefully to get some sewing in before I have to pack tomorrow for Rangeley!


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