How to Organize your Studio - Design Wall

Today we are going to talk about putting a design wall in your sewing studio.  I believe the solution I ended up using, in my recently studio remodel, will work for most of you.  Even those of you that "share" your sewing space with another household need.

When I was remodeling my studio, I gave good consideration to the semi-permanent solutions with the insulation boards, etc. that you will find on Pinterest.  However, I followed my own advice and really spent some time thinking about how I wanted to use that space and I determine that I wanted additional functionality.

I thought it would be nice, to be able to use the same wall space to display completed quilts when I need to photograph them, as well as for inspiration when I was working on other projects that don't require a design wall (yet).

Therefore, I wanted something that is versatile.  Additionally, because of my lower ceilings (7 1/2 foot), I wanted something that would fit snug to the ceiling.    Furthermore, I wanted something with clips that would allow me to hang nothing (and go unnoticed), hang a quilt(s), or hang a flannel design wall.  I believe these would be the same needs as someone who is sharing their sewing space with another household need.  They could hang their design wall when they were sewing, or hang a quilt for decoration when they were sharing their space.

So, I needed something that would hold a completed quilt - up to 10-15 pounds.  Therefore, I went searching.... What I found was "Universal Track Rod Set".  They stated it was ideal for patio doors, large windows and room dividers, use with any curtain or pinch pleats! With a universal mounting bracket design, this track rod can be ceiling or wall-mounted. The universal track rod system is designed for smooth and quiet operation and uses no cords and is easy to install.   It only measured 7/8" in diameter, it can span up to 120" and can be used for up to 15 pounds.  Plus, they are available in Black or Pewter.

Here is a sneak peak (Quilt is my Winter Jewels, my pattern Loco for Lemoyne Star):

I have a pretty long room, which allowed me to put up two rods, one behind my long-arm and one for my multi-purpose design wall.

So, we hung the rods just under our crown molding.  However, it can be hung on the ceiling too.  Here is a picture showing the ceiling mount, provided by Country Curtains, where I purchased the rods (to purchase -Countrycurtains).

The rods went up fairly easily and I couldn't wait I to hang my quilts!  We utilized the whole 120" for rod behind the long arm and therefore, I was able to hang a throw and a wall quilt (Quilts are Honey V, my pattern and my version of Atlantic Flyway, Deb Tucker's pattern).

As seen above, I also hung my Winter Jewels up behind my domestic sewing machine table.  That rod, I want to use for a dual purpose, so I immediately got busy on making my "design wall curtain".

For the design area, we utilized 110", which allowed me to ordered a king size, good quality, flannel sheet from the Company Store.  Yes, I know I could have made one, but I much prefer to quilt, so I purchased a sheet, so I would only have to hem the flannel sheet.    I ordered a  pack Dritz's Drapery Lead Weights.
I then measured the height from the clips to the floor.  Since the width of the king sheet was perfect for my Design Wall, I cut the length of the sheet 4" longer than the height from rod clips to floor.

Since my sheet was 110", I divided the width measurement by 8, and figured out I needed to mark every 13 3/4", using 9 lead weights (you can't forget the end).
Then, I went on to sew a stay stitch 1/2" from the edge, placing a lead weight where I marked, and sewing them to the sheet.

Next, I pressed the seam and then folded it over to make a 2" hem.  Sewed it.  Pressed and folded over again, making triple 2" hem and sewed it.   The triple 2" hem, with the lead weight, gave me the enough weight, so that flannel design wall/curtain would hang straight, instead of just draping.

Then I took down my quilt, but simply squeezing the clips and hung up my flannel design wall/curtain (weights at the bottom).

Then it was time to play, up when my Northern Neighbours block (pattern by Deb Tucker).
Ta Da - From a Distance!

And compare - Same space - from Quilt Design Wall to Quilt Display - easy to change in minutes.
I hope you found this helpful, please feel free to ask questions.


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