Working on a new quilt pattern and sample

Well, we have some bad weather hitting the East Coast today, so I'm getting a jump on my weekend. 

CT, where I work is expected to get hit pretty hard, about 24 inches.  In NJ, we should get off easier... but not pretty.  Especially with 4 dogs - yes we 've picked up another rescue.    What can I say, we can't say no.

Jax is adjusting well, those first few days were tough, but going much smoother now.  I'll post pictures later.

Any way, onto the reason for my post.   I'm working on a new quilt.  I've drafted the pattern last  weekend.   I'm going to teach a class at Pennington Quilt Works, so I pulled fabric last weekend for the store sample.  We are going to kit it as well.  So exciting.  Love when that happens.

Additionally, and this is really exciting, I'm going to sell my pattern.    Yep, I've been including them in my classes to date.    And included them in kits, but I'm going official.   This way when folks see the sample, but want to use other fabric, they can buy the pattern.   I'm going to offer them for sale at my Etsy Shop, of course at Pennington Quilt Works, and we will have to see where else... 

In order to publish the patterns, I've had to ask a few friends to be "Pattern Testers", so while I'm making my sample, they are test driving the pattern too.   What great friends!  I'll have to treat them somehow.

I give you a sneak peak, here is my draft from EQ7.
I'm calling it Modern Victorian Hunter Star since I'm using Andover's Victorian Modern Fabric from Modern Quilt Studio's line.  Of course, I'm using Deb Tucker's Petite Hunter Star Ruler to make the quilt.  Love her tools.  It really is romantic with a modern spin.

This is one of my favorite prints.

What do you think? 

I have another pattern, using Deb Tucker's V Block in the works too.  I'm going to use Kate Spain's Honey Honey....  I will have to post later - I must get sewing.


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