Poll - Do you find yourself getting less quilt magazines

I'm going to attempt to do a poll every other week or so... I'd love to commit to every week, but it doesn't seem possible. This week I didn't get out of work in less than 14 hour a day, plus had to drive to CT and back last night. The life of the working class....

Anyway, back to the poll.

Do you find yourself getting less quilt magazines?

Over the last year; I have found myself more and more disappointed in the content of the quilt magazines, both in quilt patterns and articles.

Therefore; as my magazines has subscriptions have approached expiration, I've evaluated how much I would miss that magazine before renewing. I'm actually doing surprisingly well.

Last week; While filing away prior issues, I took a look at where I was at in reducing my Quilt Subscriptions.
  • At the end of 2011; I had 10 Quilt Magazine subscriptions.
  • As of January 2013, I have 4 Quilting Magazine subscriptions.
  • I'm happy with those 4 and I feel I would renew the print issue when they renew.
I've gotten a lot more comfortable with viewing magazines on my larger HD Colored Nook, but I still like to have the printed copies to flag, mark out, etc. Additionally, I've found very few Quilt Magazines with digital issues.

By the way, I've kept:
  1. American Patchwork & Quilting
  2. Machine Quilting Unlimited
  3. McCall's Quilting
  4. Quilt

Plus, I will always pick up American Patchwork & Quilting's Quilt Sample - Which comes out 2x a year. It is my favorite.

While filing away my prior magazine issues; I've given thought to tossing a few back issues. I know... crazy. But is it crazy I'm thinking of tossing a few or that I have them all for the last 7-9 years? Some even going back to the late 90s.

So, I'm looking for some advice. If I'm actually willing to part with some (especially given another move); should I look to donate them, and if so, to whom? Should I look to sell them on eBay - might be too much work? Or just toss them.

Would love to hear about your magazine situation and thoughts on getting rid of some back issues?


  1. Well I have let all my magazine subscriptions lapse and am going to get rid of a bunch before I move in a month or so. Now the only magazine I buy is Quilt Mania and the occasional Australian magazine. I just wish the American magazines would stop being so repetitive!


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