It's that time of year, start counting!

No, not the days until Christmas, but those projects!  When I was thinking about this question last night, I was concerned that it would make me depressed.  At the 10K foot level, I felt I didn't finish much this year.  It has been so busy, between the new house and job, etc.  However, as I traveled today, I was mentally counting and I didn't do as bad as I expected.  As I looked through my photos (I try and take pictures of everything I finish) and thinking through our sew sessions (mentally remembering what I worked on)... I started feeling better and better.

When it comes to our quilting, I some times think we get in the habit of putting ourselves down, or comparing ourselves to others.  However, I think it is important to take a self assessment.  Not a single one of us has the same circumstances as another one of us, another guild member, another blogger, etc.  So, it is only fair that you look at what you had time to start and time to finish.  Note; you can count everything you finished, it doesn't matter when you started it.

Go ahead and make that list.  I  think you will be surprised.

No need to share your numbers, unless you want to.  This isn't a contest.  However, I would like you to share if you were surprised by how much you did accomplish.  If in hindsight, you did better than you expected.

Go on, go count.


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