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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is your Go-To Spring Color?

I saw this graphic on Art Gallery Fabric's Facebook page and I couldn't wait to ask other what is their go-to Spring color?

This year, I have to say it is that Poppy Peachy Pink (say that three times).  I think in previous times this was called Salmon..  However, Art Gallery is called it a Pinkest Angle Blush.  Here are two fabric samples from an upcoming fabric line by Jeni Baker call Geometric Bliss.

I've have a few quilts in the works and most of them have a version of this color in it.  I think my friend Jenn would be proud of me, as I think it is a version of orange which I used to be opposed to anything orange.

So what is your go-to Spring Color?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A few new tools (Toys) to sew with...

I've been traveling so much these last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to post my newest tools (Toys) that I recently picked up to  improve my sewing time and quality even more!

The first is my new Big Board from my Sewing Sun Room.  As you know I have a sewing space downstairs on the lower level with my long arm, 2nd Pfaff Creative Vision, huge cutting table and iron table.  However, we have a beautiful sun room that I like to sew in on the main level.  I was using a normal ironing board upstairs and it was so flimsy and small.  Plus not very dog friendly.  I've heard from several friends over the years that they had their husbands make them Big Boards... well my husband doesn't do woodwork, so I went looking for them on the web.
Big Board in the Sew Sun Room
I found it at Nancy's Notions and a great deal.  It was on sale for $109 from $139 the day I got it (I believe it is on sale again).  The down side is that it took 5-6 weeks to get here, but it is extremely well made.  Very sturdy, I don't feel nervous having the dog around and the best part is that I can iron a fat quarter depth (or a folded fabric selvage to selvage).  Additionally, I can open fabric completely and perform my initial iron, with best press, on the fabric before cutting.  

More to come on my prepping of fabric for supreme cutting.  My friend Jackie O'Brien, from If These Threads Could Talk, has convinced me that I need to do a series on how I prep my fabric for cutting, to get the best possible cuts.  When we were at Deb Tucker's Certified Teacher Reunion she informed me that she hadn't seen anyone do it quite like I do.  So, I'm going to start a series on it.

Okay, onto my second great find.  The Large Alto mat.  So, many of us are familiar with QuiltCut2 Fabric Cutting, I have one and they are great for performing mass amounts of cutting.  I probably don't use mine as much as I should, but I'm a ruler cutter.  By that I mean I measure my fabric by the ruler.  I do not use the lines on my mat.  I own Creative Grid rulers up to 24" and I rarely need to use the lines on my mat for cutting.  I like to have the fabric I'm cutting under my ruler.  I just feel I get a more accurate cut.  

Back to the Large Alto Mat...   So, I feel, the best part of the QuiltCut2 Fabric system is the mat.  When I was at Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design's Certification last September, she had several of the mats without the board.  They are great for performing demos on because they are white. Turns out you can purchase them as a stand alone.  They have the Medium which can replace the mat on your QuiltCut2 or stand alone.  They offer a small and a large, the Large mat is 26" x 47"... can you say heaven!  It is great!  Same as the Big Board, you can cut the full depth of a Fat Quarter, or have over a yard of full width of fabric (folded selvage to selvage) on you board.  Plus, there is no other mat that feels the way this one does, when your rotary cutter travels across the mat.  No bumps, no fuzz, it is great.
Large Alto Mat

I purchase my mat direct from another Certified Instructor, Barbara Dann.  She has sold the QuiltCut2 mats for years.  Her shop is Alley Cat Quiltworks but I'm not sure she ships them, you would have to check with her.  Or you can get them through their website Quilt Cut.

For full disclosure, as always I've purchased both of these products myself, with no incentive, I just love them and wanted to share. 

Must get back to cutting stay tuned for those Fabric Prepping and Cutting Tips.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Winter Jewels Took 1st Prize in Computerized Quilting

Sorry for the delay, I've been crazy busy with MQX  that I failed to post the Winter Jewels took a Blue Ribbon!

Here is the press release:
Winter Jewels, Designed and Pieced by Michelle Renee Hiatt of Huntington CT & Quilted by Barbara Bregmen of Silver Spring, MD took 1st place in the Computerized Machine Quilting Category at the MQX Quilt Show, in Manchester NH on April 10th.  

Winter Jewels is an original design by Michelle Renee Hiatt. As a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, she was inspired to create a Loco for Lemoyne Star Sampler using all the different Lemoyne Star techniques available through Deb Tucker's Technique sheets.  Her love of fabric and huge collection of fat quarters inspired the variety of Lemoyne Star types in this quilt.  Michelle’s website is , she teaches all over the Northeast.  MQX results are at

Barbara Bregman - Quilter & Michelle Renee Hiatt - Designer & Piecer

Michelle Renee Hiatt - Quilt Designer and Piecer - Pieced on Pfaff Creative Vision

Woo hoo!  I had so much funny meeting up with all my friends. The Studio 180 Instructors went 3 for 3.  Three of us entered quilts as the quilt piecers and all three won (Dan entered 2 and won 2).

Kathie Beltz, Dan Perkins, and Michelle Renee Hiatt
Plus made tons of new contacts and I learned so much from some great teachers; Georgia Stull, Lisa Calle, Pat Berry, Page Johnson, and Mary Reinhardt.  I can't wait to try all the new things I learned.  

The business class with Pat Berry was really great.  She really brought some focus to my ideas.  Where to begin and such, highly recommend it for anyone thinking about getting into the quilt business.

Georgia Stull (with co-star Cindy Culbertson) was dynamite for my Statler classes.   I spent 10 hours with them over the course of 4 days.  It was called Statler All-Star.   I just upgraded to a Statler and Georgia made me feel like I could go right home and sew away.  
Georgia Stull's All Star Class

Page Johnson's Block class was terrific.  She has so many great ideas.  I think I would have been a bit over whelmed with Page's class had it not been for Georgia.  However, I think it is ideal for any familiar with the Statler and if you are a beginner with the Statler, just take Georgia's class first.  If you are a quick study, you will be fine.  

That is my quick summary.  I'm teaching at next years's MQX, with Kathie Beltz, so counting the days to next year.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winter Jewels got a ribbon at MQX

We got an email last night that MQX judges have awarded a ribbon to Winter Jewels!

We will not know until Wednesday night what it received a ribbon for, but Barbara Bergman and I are thrilled.

We made a great team on this one!  You may remember that I designed and pieced it, inspired by Deb Tucker's Lemoyne Star techniques,  then Barbara brought it to life with her fabulous quilting!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

MQX - 3 Days and counting down!

Only 3 days to MQX!  Can't wait.  Spent the day finishing up work-work and running errands so I can take time off for MQX.  

This is my first time going to MQX and I'm really excited.  Big bonus, I get to meet up with several friends.  My friend Barbara Bregman, the longarmer, is flying up.  My friend Jenn Heasley is driving up from PA tomorrow and we are heading up to New Hampshire, first thing Monday.  Then a few other friends from PA are joining us up there, Jean and Sharon are driving up Tuesday.  Then, several other Studio 180 Design's Certified Instructors are going to be there; Kathy Beltz from NH, Dan Perkins from ME's Threads Galore, and Sue Graf from ME.  Wow, it is going to be so great.

I'm taking classes every day, but we are hoping to do some shop hopping on Tuesday before the Ice Cream social.  I have 5 days of Create Studio classes and several business classes.

I realized I failed to share one photo with you last week, my version of Galaxy, a Deb Tucker Quilt Design.  I'm teaching this Quilt Class at Pennington Quilt Works in May and June.  I sent this off to Pennington after showing it off to Deb Tucker at our Certified Instructors Reunion.  Isn't it wonderful!  I have to say I love the colors I selected.  They have kits at Pennington.   It is my favorite pattern of Deb Tucker!
Well, back to straighten, my new Gammill Vision arrives tomorrow.  I'm upgrading from a 18" to 26".  Woo hoo!