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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Heat, does it drive you inside or out?

The Heat - - -wow!  It has been crazy on the east coast.

For me, it drives me out early in the day and then in for the worst part of the afternoon.  Which is good, lets hope I get some sewing completed today. 

I've been really quiet these days.... Sorry.  When I'm not working or gardening, I've been working on the instruction for my July class; Constellations Quilt.  In addition to teaching the class.   Pennington is planning on selling the kit for the pattern I made using Deb Tucker's LeMoyne Star ruler.  So, I've been trying to put that together, where everyone can follow the instructions.  Deb has the basic instructions, but trying to tell someone how much to cut of what fabric I used and where I placed it.....  well, that takes time.
Constellation Quilt using Deb Tucker's LeMoyne Start Ruler
I'm also finishing up my August Class instructions, for my "Not Your Grandmother's Dresden" class.  Again, using a tool, but I've made up my own pattern... and Pennington wants to sell a kit...  here is a sneak peak...
Not Your Grandmother's Dresden.. is progress
I can't leave you without a few gardening pics... even though the heat is challenging my flowers, they are holding up....  I keep thinking I need to use some of these photos to inspire a color selection in my next quilt.
Yellow Calla Lily

Peachy Canna

Dinner Plate Dahlia

Pink Star Gazer Lily

Golden Star Gazer Lily

Yellow Naturalizing Daylily

Orange Two-Toned Naturalizing Daylily

Gladiolus White Prosperity

Gladiolus Yellow
Do you see a trend here....

Monday, June 18, 2012

I found the #2 iron....

OK, you all remember how much I loved my EuroSteam Pressure Iron, but after it breaking a few months shy of its 1 year anniversary ... then the horrible customer service, there was no way I was purchasing that iron again for $200+.  Don't even get me started on how many irons I sold for them... wait to I see those sale ladies @ Hershey!

So, I've been on an Iron hunt.  Well, I think I've found it.  I've listed it as #2, but for half the price, it really should be #1.  If it lasts more than 6 months,  I will give it the #1 spot.

It is the:

Rowenta 1700W Eco Intelligence Steam Iron w/3D Soleplate -

I found the best price and shipping at QVC.   It is Green and not just in coloring..

I used it for over 6 hours yesterday... beautiful!  Nice weight love the plate, easy to control the steam.  Plus, it is very easy to fill.

If you are in the market for an Iron, check it out.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

What is the biggest boo-boo or blunder you've committed when making a quilt?

In response to McCall's Quilting-July/August 2012 issue's Q&A - Page 14 ..... What is the biggest boo-boo or blunder you've committed when making a quilt?

Please share your story.

Mine, you ask...

In my defense, it was my second quilt and I had only taken one beginner class - which was a log cabin quilt prior. I saw a great pattern in Fons and Porter, with pin wheels and I loved it. I decided that I knew math and I could figure it out. Well, on top of never haven't working with HST, I wanted to make it smaller (yes that is correct), I wanted a baby quilt but the pattern was for a double. So, I decided that it's all in the math. So, if I made the finished squares 50% smaller that it would work. So, I simply cut all the measurements in half.... So, 4 7/8" squares were cut to 2 7/16".... yes, no lie. then I cut them diagonally.... To add to it, I cut all the fabric first. Of course it didn't work. I believe I still have all the batik scraps in my scrap bin. Of course I went out and bought new fabric and picked a different pattern.

So, tell me your story...